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IMST (Incident Management Services & Training, Inc.) specializes in providing highly qualified personnel skilled in support for "all risk"  emergency management, unique and unusual projects, ICS (Incident Command System) training and mentoring.

We have a pool of talented and experienced managers "ready to go to work at a moment's notice anytime and anywhere on any incident or to fulfill your training needs."  IMST provides:

  • ICS (Incident Command System) training courses that follow NWCG (National Wildfire Coordinating Group) training curriculum.

  • Individuals and/or small teams of skilled managers during and/or after all risk emergency and non-emergency situations to analyze cost and management effectiveness.

  • Skilled ICS positions for single resource needs and/or IMTís for staging areas, R&R centers, mobilization or demobilization centers, distribution centers and/or BAER projects.

  • We also can be "imbed" single resources into IMT anywhere in the US.  Call for details

Agencies can use out GSA contract to obtain our services.

CLICK HERE  or the GSA  logo for an explanation of the contract  process.

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